Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park in Utah is split into four different districts. Island in the Sky, one of these districts, sits on a mesa above the others and has a visitor center that is open year-round.

I was the graphic designer on the team responsible for a redesign of the exhibits at the Island in the Sky visitor center. The exhibits touch on all four districts of the park, as well as interpret the geology, ecology, and cultural stories of the land. One of the anchoring points of the exhibits is a a large, six-sided tactile map of the park, surrounded on each side by angled reading rails.

This project was done as part of the EDX Exhibits design team. The exhibits are currenty being fabricated.

Orientation reading rail

Geography reading rail

We were able to take advantage of a wonderful collection of photography at the park, so the graphics showcased photograhy wherever possible and used cutout shapes to highlight the rock features at Canyonlands.

Blue graphic with rock feature photograph at the bottom.

The exhibits included a herbarium with individual cards for many of the plants commonly seen at Canyonlands.

Each card had a large photo on the front and a closeup detail with more information on the back. The park staff plans to rotate these cards seasonally so that visitors will be able to learn more about plants that they have spotted while hiking or camping in the park.

Card front and back for Silvery Lupine.

We also designed hanging banners for the ceiling of the buiding so that we could include more photographs of scenes, plants, and animals from around the park.

Panel with image of rock formations