Deep Sky Dyeing Adventures

I have been practicing natural dyeing for a few years now, dyeing fabric, yarn, and whatever textiles I can get my hands on. I love experimenting with different dyestuffs - usually whatever plants I can get my hands on - and techniques.

dyepot with yarn in red dye

Dyeing gives me an opportunity to experiment with color and different ways to combine multiple dyes. This scarf was dyed with madder and weld to create a gradient.

Scarf dyed with pink and yellow dyes. The scarf has tassels around the edges.

Indigo is one of my favorite dyes to use - the combination of bright blue and white is so classic!

Blue cotton bag with a white dye-resist spot. The bag has a makeup brush sticking out of it.

Shibori techniques are something that I really enjoy learning about and practicing, like on these cotton napkins dyed with indigo.

Four blue napkins with a white pattern on them.

I developed branding and minimal packaging to sell my dyed goods, both online and in brick and mortar stores, under the name Deep Sky.

Deep Sky logo