Abstract visualizations of all of the albums I listened to across three weeks. Each circle is an album; the size of the circle represents the number of times I played it in a given week. The color of the circle roughly represents the (completely subjective) genre.

I started keeping track of this because, for a while, I was really into The Snake The Cross The Crown's Cotton Teeth, which is the biggest circle in the first column. My preferences were much more diverse in the second and third weeks.

Weeks of Music

A closeup of one day of music.

One Day of Music

For RECSOLU's 5th anniversary, I created an infographic to celebrate and highlight key accomplishments and milestone for the company.

Five Year Timeline

I went through a phase of reading about the Romanov dynasty (and rewatching the 90s cartoon about Anastasia). I made an infographic to chart out everyone involved in the rule of the House of Romanov and the controversies and conspiracy theories surrounding the end of it. Because the dynasty ruled for so long, the entire graphic ended up over seven feet tall.


About 100 years into the rule, things get a little busier as more members of the family get involved. For each emperor and empress, the graphic shows their birth (blue circle), life (thin blue line), and rule (thicker blue line).


The graphic extends almost 100 years after the rule of the Romanovs ended to include the most famous Romanov impostor stories as well as the news that DNA testing had confirmed that the tsar and his family had all been executed in 1918. All of the events surrounding members of the dynasty that occurred either before or after their rule are shown on a navy background.