Photography is a passion of mine. I try to bring a camera on almost every adventure. I like experimenting with different techniques, old and weird cameras, and expired film. But I'm equally happy with my digital camera, which is my current favorite. This page is a mix of some of my favorite photos I've taken over the years.

Iron Goat Trail in the fall. Washington. Digital.

A fall day on a path through the woods

Icelandic coastline. Medium format film.

This was taken with a Diana, which might be my all-time favorite camera, even though (or maybe because) it's so unpredictable. I love the blurry focus and the light leak on the top edge.

Rocky coastline and ocean

Large format film, cyanotype prints, toned and stained with tea.

These are two photos from a larger series of thirty pinhole photos interpreting collected dreams.

#11 #15

Jantar Mantar, Delhi, India. Digital.

Red angular architecture at Jantar Mantar in Dehli

Antioch College, Ohio. Medium format film.

Antioch College

Fog in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Digital.

Fog in the treetops

Buoys on Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois. Medium format film.


Upper Dewey Lake, Skagway, Alaska. Digital.

Mountain at Upper Dewey Lake