Stories Between Each Line

I was the pilot Artist-in-Residence for the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park - Seattle Unit in Pioneer Square and created a series of illustrations and data visualizations about the objects in the park's collections and the stories that they can tell. You can see the full project at Stories Between Each Line.

thesis sketches

I began by combing through collections records, reading old letters and pondering some of the more unusual things that the park has. I chose to illustrate everything with drawings that are inspired by the line drawings and diagrams that I found in letters and journals throughout the collections.

pattern of gold mining tools

Finally, I refined everything and grouped the pieces into large grids. In addition to an overview of the collections of the park, I'm focusing on the life of John F. Hielscher, who went to the Klondike during the gold rush in 1897 and ended up spending about 13 years of his life in Alaska while his wife and children stayed in Seattle. The full illlustrations and more information about the collections are available at Stories Between Each Line.