Written on the Land

The Ute Indian Museum in Montrose, Colorado, is a satellite museum for the state historical society. The museum tells the story of the Ute people who are the longest residents of the region.

EDX redesigned the exhibit space for the Ute Indian Museum. The team also reworked a second version of the exhibits for the main history museum, History Colorado, in Denver. The exhibits are place-based and focus on the ties of the Ute tribes to different locations throughout Colorado and Utah.

This project was done as part of the EDX Exhibits design team. The exhibits won a National Association for Interpretation award in 2018.

Overview of one room of exhibits

Each section of the exhibits was introduced with a large photograph and a smaller overlaying translucent text panel mounted over it.

Large photo with small green introductory panel on top of it

Colors and graphic treatments were drawn from Ute beadwork and the colors traditionally used in that craft.

Exhibit case full of brighty colored beadwork.

Whenever appropriate, graphics included both historic and contemporary photographs. Modern photographs were given more prominent placement as a way to underscore that the Ute people are still here today and their story is continuing.

View into two rooms of exhibits.

An additional wall graphic showing some of the other treatments used in the exhibits.

Large graphic panel with red title bar and dark brown sidebar.