Weir Farm National Historical Park

Graphic design for exhibits at Weir Farm National Historical Site in Connecticut. The exhibits are spread throughout multiple buildings on the farm and interpret multiple artists who lived and worked there. The client wanted to include as much color and texture as possible in the graphics. The wealth of artwork in the park's collections meant that we had so many resources we could play with in order to do so!


This project was done as part of the EDX Exhibits design team.

Rendering of one room of exhibits

Introductory panels got the star treatment, showcasing large, bright paintings and blowing them up to be larger-than-life.

introductory panel with text in the top third and a painting in the background.

Smaller panels used close croppings of paintings as textural elements and calls to action.

Painter's Touch panel with triangular element formed from painting detail.

Outside of the main visitor center building, panels were made to be quieter to better fit in with their historic home surroundings. Some were designed to include speakers that, when activated by a visitor, played music or dialog.

Idle Hours panel with speaker and push button.